PHP Development

When it comes to selection of PHP development company in India, you get the most difficult task to select the right development partner. PHP Web Application Development process requires smart thinking, synchronized strategies and technical planning with all web 2.0 consideration while keeping a sharp eye on your competitors. Your website is your business gateway. Well structured coding, programming, accurate design and smartly conveying your services and product quality make your business grow and we at Crea8ive Crowd stand tall in the queue who are dedicated to keep you at peace, 100% assured.

LINUX, the most sought after platform today for small to large scale web development has been proved to be one of the most scalable, cost effective, and secure platform. Without licensing needs, you can have your product and web applications customized specifically to fit your exact needs and vision.

Combination of PHP with MySQL on Apache server on Linux OS has made thousands of businesses run their online presence and grow rapidly.

Crea8ive Crowd has adopted Open Source technologies and harnessed seasoned LAMP developers who are delivering state of the art PHP web Application development services to our clients across globe. With extensive expertise on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL, our team has complete grasp on the architecture, the frameworks, and the Web 2.0 standards.

Our Business Analysts dive deep inside your requirements and come up with the exact specification meeting your exact needs and coordinate with the PHP Web Development Team to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Crea8ive Crowd offers quality offshore PHP Web Development services and comprehensive solutions for different industry verticals including but not limited to:

  • Ecommerce & Shopping Cart
  • Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Portal
  • Vertical Search Engines
  • Dating
  • Content Management
  • Price Comparision
  • Bulk Emailing
  • Email Tracking
  • Real Time Domain Registration
  • Portal Solutions
  • Photo Voting
  • Web Enabling the Legacy Applications

We apply a well-established framework for site development while letting the site requirements to evolve until you'll get the site you want. Typical stages of this process are:

  • Analyzing and determining your goals and target audience
  • Procuring content and graphics
  • Concept design: navigation system, sample pages
  • Actual site building using quality programming skills
  • Testing for various browsers compliance
  • Demonstration of the beta version of the site plus your views, suggestions, corrections
  • Implementing the changes and receiving final approval for site design & functionality
  • Registering your domain name
  • Uploading your completed site
  • Submitting to search engines and directories
  • Updates and maintenance as required

Our PHP Development team has extensive experience on many open source framework like CakePHP, MVC architecture, Joomla, Drupal, Zend, phpfox etc and we propose the accurate framework for your requirements considering the various different and respective modules your Web application needs. services to our clients across globe. With extensive expertise on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL, our team has complete grasp on the architecture, the frameworks, and the Web 2.0 standards. We promise to be your one and only offshore PHP development company in India.

Stay Ahead with PHP

PHP is an open-source technology with low execution, maintenance and debugging costs. Codes are simpler to write, no complexity outbursts. The overall development time gets reduced by 30-40%.


with globalization at its best, internet is the prime playground for most of the giant business firms; the websites being their soul identity. For an interactive and eye-catching websites that builds an eminent web presence, PHP is the most preferable technology.


PHP can run on Linux as well as Windows based web server and thus delivers flexibility in terms of hardware requirements. PHP code frameworks can be effortlessly embedded into an appropriate HTML code in specific.


Creates dynamic web pages and with lesser website load time which helps companies to boost their business's online portfolio and market outreach.